Music Choice

Music Choice

930 | Total Hits UK | Listen to the best of UK pop, hip hop and dancehall as we feature the best of UK artists on this channel.

931 | 2000s | Discover the best hits of the new century. With a list of recommended tunes and artists that are set to please. This is the very best of 2000's



932 | Hip Hop | Tune in to the best of Rap and Underground Hip Hop. With a playlist of well know and upcoming artist, the tunes are uninterupted all day all night.

933 | Urban | The best of the 80's and 90's Tunes from rhythm and blues to soul artists. It's a powerful mix of the best of these tune. Don't miss a beat.

934 | Classic RnB| Listen to the laid back Mellow beats and Rymes with quality vocals from the old tyme.  A powefull combination of Jazz, Blues and Gospel into what we have as Classic R n B

935 | Blues| Feel the music as you listen to the rare and hard to find songs of all times. With Vocals and instruments blended to give a sadistic yet homely feeling.



936 | Reggae | Listen to the very best of Dancehall, dub, Lovers rock with the best reggae selectors world wide. Playing new and upcoming releases. 



937 | Rock Alternative | High energy, ground-breaking new sounds, with roots deep in the rock of ages. Feel the hard intensity of today’s best alternative rock sound and be reminded of the beginnings of grunge

938 | Indie Classics | Best indie rock music, hot new songs, popular rock bands and top album releases



939 | Rock Anthems | It's all about the sing along tunes with the best of Rock Anthems that are set to leave you wanting more

940 | Rock n Roll| Feel the influence of the best of the 60's and 70's with dance tunes that will have you do a  twist. Let's Rock and Roll.

941 | Classic Rock | This is contemporary rock at it's best catch the new tunes of this generation only on this channel. Rock all day all night.

942 | All Day Party | Catch the best all time hits that have been played in clubs all over the world that will have you partying all day long

943 | Dance Floor Fillers | The beat says it all mix it with movement and you can't get enough of the best of Dance Tunes of the new and old generation hits.

944 | Groove | Funk, Rock, soul, all with a quality strong rhythm gives us the best of groove tunes that you just have to listen to. 



945 | 60s | Oldies still have an influence that can be felt directly by the listener with classic rock format.

946 | 70s | Pop, Funk, Disco and Soul are some of the popular and powerfull tunes featured in this channel. Tune in and Enjoy

947 | 80s | Listen to Disco, Hardrock and glam rock from the 80's era. Guranteed to have you make twists and turn. 

948 | 90s | Rap and RnB tunes are what was hot and happening in the 90's. We play the best and greatest tunes of the 90's. Enjoy!



949 | South Africa Traditional | Discover key artists and albums from South Africa with traditional singers and a cappella groups that will leave you asking for more.

950 | South African Modern | Jump and dance to South African contemporary beats only on this channel. SA Modern.

951 | Bollywood Hits | Tune in to the latest tracks from the World of Bollywood. Songs that will make you dance 24/7

952 | Classic India| Tune in to the melodious and soothing music from India, based on different cultures. Also includes Gazals and instrumental music

953 | Hindi Gold | Old is Gold. Listen to the soothing music of Bollywood from the 1980's  and 1990's.

954 | Punjabi | Get your dancing shoes and groove to the latest and classical beats of Bhangra all day and night.

955 | Sounds of South India| Discover key artists and albums from South India with traditional singers and latest singers from Tollywood. 

956 | Arabic | Song is supreme Arabic expression, and the music that stretches from Morocco to Lebanon, having grown from African roots and Mediterranean inspirations, catch the best on this channel.



957 | Classic Greats | There is something about classical music that evokes emotion. Whether it is the crescendo of the strings or a stab from the horns, Classical music has definitely the best.

958 | Classic | Calm Clarinet, saxophone, cornet, trombone, tuba, banjo, bass, guitar, drums and occasionally a piano all musical arrangements at their best on this station.

959 | Jazz Classics | The use of blue notes, call-and-response, improvisation, polyrhythms, syncopation and the swung note of ragtime gives you the best of Jazz.

960 | Cool Jazz | The  vocals say it all in solo or orchestra performances these are artists doing what they do to their best. Cool Jazz.

961 | Chillout | Featuring ambient, tranquil and chilled out music ideal for background and on hold music, relaxation and meditation. We bring a comprehensive playlist all day all night.



962 | East African Gospel | Enjoy the best of East African Gospel Music!

963 | South African Gospel | Discover and listen to music from the tales of Gospel South Africa. With brilliant and original tapping sounds that makes tunes to be loved all over the world.



964 | Bass, Breaks and Beats| Breakbeats, featuring strong bass and faster tempo that will have you rave. Listen to the beats per minute.

965 | Drive| Listen to the hottest artists in Pop, Hip Hop, Alt Rock, Indie Rock, Electronica, Country, Hard Rock, Punk, R&B & Soul, and Rock

966 | Freedom | Get to listen to the best of R n B, Pop, Dancehall and Soul tunes as we give you a mix of all these tunes on this Channel.